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Shopping on Realry

Here's how to kickstart your shopping journey for an exceptional experience: 1. Create a Realry account: Unlock exclusive features and personalized recommendations by setting up your own Realry account. 2. Search and Filter: Easily find what you need by using our search bar and filtering options. 3. Save Favorites: Never lose track of must-have items! Learn how to save them to your My List for easy access later. 4. Place Your First Order: Ready to make a purchase? Let us guide you through the smooth and secure ordering process on Realry. 5. Payment Methods: Discover the various payment methods available on Realry to choose the one that suits you best. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support team at

Deleting Account

Looking to bid farewell to your Realry account? Here's how you can do it effortlessly: Option 1: Reach Out to Realry Customer Care 1. Head to our account deletion request page and submit your request. 2. Keep an eye on your inbox for a verification email. 3. Reply to the email with either "Yes Delete" or "No Delete" to confirm. 4. Once confirmed, we'll swiftly process your account deletion. Option 2: Through the Realry App 1. Open the Realry App and log in to your account. 2. Navigate to the Settings section. 3. Scroll down to find the "Delete account" option and click it. After Deleting Your Account: 1. Your Realry profile will be removed, and you'll be logged out immediately. 2. All personal data associated with your account will be permanently erased from our system. Changed Your Mind? Unfortunately, once your data is wiped, retrieving your account won't be possible. However, feel free to create a new account with us using a different email address. Verification Email Issues? Check your spam or junk folder for the verification email. If it's still missing, reach out to our Customer Care team for assistance. No Turning Back: Once your account is deleted, it's gone for good. But if you ever decide to return, you're always welcome to create a fresh account. For any questions or concerns regarding the account deletion process, don't hesitate to contact Realry Support Team at

Managing Email Preference

Here's how you can edit your email preferences on Realry: Managing your email preferences on Realry is a breeze. You have multiple options to tailor your email experience to your liking. Firstly, you can unsubscribe from Realry emails by simply opening any marketing email from Realry and scrolling to the bottom to click "Unsubscribe." Alternatively, if you're using the Realry app, head to the "Settings" section, then "Emails & notifications," and toggle switches to unsubscribe from specific categories. Similarly, on the Realry website, navigate to your account settings, find the email marketing categories, and adjust your preferences by toggling switches. You can manage categories, including Sales and Promotions, to ensure you receive only the emails you want. If you encounter any difficulties while trying to unsubscribe or have questions, feel free to reach out to our Support team at for assistance.

Resetting My Password

Resetting your password on Realry is a simple process. Just head over to your account settings and find the password reset page. If you encounter any issues or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Realry support team for further assistance. They're here to help you with any login problems or concerns you may have.

Changing Email Address

Changing the email address associated with your Realry account is not currently supported once the account is created. However, if you need to update your email information, the best solution is to create a new account using the desired email address. Please note that the new email address should not already be linked to an existing Realry account. If you need assistance or have further questions about managing your account, feel free to reach out to us at


About Realry

Realry is your premier global fashion search engine, curating products from thousands of stores to streamline your shopping experience. How Realry Works: With Realry, effortlessly browse and filter through an extensive array of fashion items on our user-friendly App or Website. Easily transition to the retailer's site or use Realry's checkout for seamless purchases. Key Features: Realry boasts comprehensive search and filter options, empowering users to tailor their searches based on gender, category, price, brand, and more. How to Shop on Realry: Choose your location, explore our curated selection, and select your desired items. Proceed to checkout directly through the retailer's website or with Realry's secure checkout process. After Your Purchase: Stay updated with order confirmation and shipping notifications from the retailer or through Realry's confirmation email. Amendments and Returns: For any changes or returns, reach out directly to the retailer. If you encounter any issues, Realry's support team is here to assist you. For Further Assistance: Contact us at for any inquiries or assistance you may need.

About My Order

Tracking Your Order: Once your order is dispatched, the retailer will furnish you with tracking details, including the courier's name and a tracking number. Refer to your Realry confirmation email for the estimated shipping time and allow the indicated period for delivery. Issues with Tracking Information: If you encounter any tracking issues or find the information unclear, contact the retailer directly. They can offer clarification, assist with tracking details, or initiate an investigation with the courier if necessary. Delayed or Non-Delivery: Delays can occur due to various reasons. Should your order be delayed or fail to arrive within the estimated time frame, reach out to the retailer for updates. They can provide insights into your order's status and, if needed, liaise with the courier for further investigation. Missed Delivery Attempt: In the event of a missed delivery attempt, follow the instructions provided by the courier or refer to the notification left by them. Typically, you can reschedule delivery or arrange parcel pickup at a designated location. Lost Orders: If your order is lost, promptly contact the retailer. They'll initiate an investigation with the courier and guide you through potential remedies such as refunds or replacements. For further assistance, refer to our [link] for additional information. Contact Us: For any queries regarding your order status, feel free to reach out to our Realry Support Team at We're here to assist you.

Handling Damaged Items

If your item arrives damaged, the retailer responsible for stocking it will manage returns and exchanges, with instructions typically included in your package. In the event of damage, promptly contact the retailer to request an exchange or return. Unresponsive Retailer: Should the retailer fail to respond within a reasonable timeframe, don't hesitate to contact Realry’s support team at for further assistance. Wear and Tear Exclusions: Please note that items damaged due to general wear and tear are not eligible for return or exchange. If uncertain, reach out to the retailer's Customer Care team for clarification. For detailed instructions on returning an item, refer to our [Return Policy] article. Feel free to make any adjustments as needed!

Amending Your Order:

Retailer Responsibility: The retailer handling your chosen item processes your order and oversees its delivery, managing all aspects of fulfilment and logistics. Amendment Possibility: Once an order is submitted or shipped, amendments may not always be feasible. However, if changes are necessary, it's advisable to promptly contact the retailer directly. Steps to Amend Your Order: ① Reach out to the specific retailer from whom you made the purchase (retailer details are available on the product page). ② Provide essential information including your order reference number, full name, email address used for the order, and billing address. ③ No Response from Retailer: ④ If you don't receive a response within a reasonable timeframe, consider reaching out again. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from Realry Support Team via Order Cancellation: For order cancellations, follow the same steps outlined for amending your order. Feel free to adjust this further as needed!

Canceling Your Order:

Retailer Responsibility: Realry doesn't stock items; retailers handle cancellations and refunds per their policies. How to Cancel: Contact the retailer promptly with your order details, including reference number, name, email, and billing address. Contacting Retailer: Visit their Customer Care section on their site. No Response? Try again. For assistance, email Realry Support Team at Amending Your Order: Use the same steps for making changes.

Lost Order Assistance:

What to Do: If your order is lost, take action promptly. Initiating Investigation: Contact the retailer who processed your order to initiate an investigation. They can collaborate with the courier to locate your parcel. Contacting Realry: While Realry can't track orders directly, we'll liaise with the retailer on your behalf. Information Needed: Provide your order details, including order number and any tracking information, when contacting the retailer. Additional Steps: If issues persist, contact your bank provider for further assistance with financial concerns. Investigation Duration: The investigation's duration varies, so stay in touch with the retailer for updates. Refund Possibility: Refund policies differ, so discuss options directly with the retailer during the investigation. Contact Us: For Realry Support Team at We're here to help. Contacting Realry’s Support Team How to Reach Us: Contact our Suppor team through our contact form here, email us at Information Needed: When reaching out, provide your full name, email address, and LY order number or a screenshot of the confirmation email for faster assistance. Response Time: Our dedicated team strives to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Please note that during peak periods such as Black Friday or holidays, responses may be delayed slightly. Follow-Up: If you haven't heard back within 48 hours, check your junk or spam folder for any missed messages. If no messages are found, reply to the latest message from Support for further assistance. Contacting the Retailer: Before reaching out to Realry, consider contacting the retailer directly as they may have more detailed information about your order. Locate the retailer's name in your confirmation email and follow the provided steps on their Customer Care section for assistance, including your order details.

Order Failed due to Stock Issue

What Happened: In the rare event that the item you ordered is no longer in stock with the retailer, your order will be automatically canceled, and you won't be charged. Any pending charges will be cleared from your account within 5-7 business days. Reason for the Issue: Realry regularly updates stock information, but sometimes there may be a slight delay in this information being updated, resulting in the out-of-stock message. Next Steps: Realry will promptly notify you via email. While we can't guarantee the item will be restocked, you can set an alert to be notified: Log in to your Realry account or sign up. On the website, click "Tracking" next to the item or use the heart icon on the app to add it to your wish-list. Notification of Restock: If the item becomes available again with the retailer, Realry will notify you via email or push notification on the app. Availability Guarantee: While there's no guarantee, we're hopeful that the item will be available for purchase again soon!

Order Delivery Issue

What to Do if Your Order Hasn't Arrived: If your order hasn't arrived within the expected delivery timeframe, your first step is to contact the retailer directly. You can find their contact information on the product page, order confirmation, or their website. Please note that Realry does not stock any items, so all order-related inquiries should be directed to the retailer. Contacting the Retailer: Visit the Customer Care or Support section on the retailer's website to find information on how to reach their customer service team. When contacting them, be sure to include essential details such as your order reference number, full name, email address used for the order, and billing address. No Response from the Retailer: Allow up to 48 hours for the retailer to respond to your inquiry. If you don't receive a response within this timeframe, you can contact Realry Support Team via, and we will assist in following up with the retailer on your behalf. Lost Order Concerns: If there are concerns about a lost order, inform the retailer immediately. They can initiate an investigation with the courier and provide guidance on potential refunds or replacements. Realry Support Team can also assist in following up with the retailer if needed. Taking Further Action: While shipping delays can occur, it's best to take action promptly. Contact the retailer if your order is overdue and allow a reasonable timeframe for a response. If necessary, reach out to your bank provider for additional support.

Incorrect Order Received.

How Orders are Fulfilled on Realry: All orders placed on Realry are fulfilled by the respective retailer that stocks the item. The retailer handles shipping, returns, exchanges, and any issues related to the order. Who to Contact for Incorrect Items? If you have received the wrong item: ① Contact the retailer's Customer Care team for further assistance. Provide them with your full name, order number, and the email address used to place the order. ② You can find the retailer's contact information on their website or in your order confirmation email. Realry’s Role in Returns or Exchanges: Realry is not directly involved in the returns or exchanges process for incorrect items. The responsibility lies with the retailer. However, Realry is available to assist you in resolving any issues that may arise.

Tax Policy

Will I Be Charged Sales Taxes? Yes, the amount of sales tax applicable to your order depends on factors such as the retailer's location, your location, and changes in tax laws. Who Calculates and Charges Sales Tax? It is the retailer's responsibility to calculate and charge sales tax on your order. How Does Realry Estimate Sales Tax? Realry estimates the tax you may be charged by the retailer based on available information and displays this estimate at checkout. Please note that Realry’s estimate may differ from the actual tax charged by the retailer. You are liable to pay the actual sales tax charged by the retailer. Where Can I Find the Retailer's Full Tax Policy? You can find the retailer's complete tax policy by visiting their Help Center. The retailer's name is listed on the Realry product page. When Will the Actual Tax Amount Be Charged? The actual tax amount will be calculated and charged by the retailer when they process your order.

Order Confirmation

How Do I Know If My Order Was Successful? Upon successful placement of your order with the retailer, Realry will promptly send you a confirmation email. When Will I Receive Delivery and Tracking Information? The retailer handling your order will send delivery and tracking information once your item has been dispatched. What Happens If My Order Fails? In the rare event of an unsuccessful order, Realry will notify you via email about the error. What If I Haven't Received My Confirmation Email? If you haven't received your confirmation email: ① Check your junk and spam folders. ② Contact Realry Support Team at, providing: A. Your full name B. Order number C. The email address used for the order.

Order Failed

Possible Reasons for Failure: Your order may have failed due to: ① Item Out of Stock: The item you tried to buy may be out of stock. ② Payment Rejection: Your payment may have been rejected. ③ Price or Shipping Changes: There may have been changes in price or shipping. ④ Promo Code Issues: Problems with a promo code could have occurred. ⑤ Address Problems: The retailer may not have accepted the provided address. What Happens Next? Your order will be canceled, and any pending charge will be cleared within 5-7 business days. What if the Charge Persists? Contact Realry Support Team at Can I Re-order? If the item is still available, you can try again ensuring accurate details.

Regarding Payment and Promotion

The pending charge you see is most likely a pre-authorization, not an actual deduction. It's a temporary hold placed to ensure funds availability. Wondering when it will be fixed? Once the retailer completes the transaction, the correct charge replaces the pre-authorized amount, typically within a few business days. As for refunds, the initial pre-authorization amount is adjusted, not refunded directly. And yes, this is quite common in online transactions. Pre-authorizations are standard and don't indicate an overcharge."

Understanding Promo Codes at Realry

Realry offers promotional discount codes, which can be exclusive to Realry or provided by partner retailers. Each code comes with its own terms and conditions, often applicable to specific items and with expiration dates. To redeem a Realry promo code discount: Simply input the promo code during checkout on Realry’s checkout or the partner's checkout page if redirected. Stacking with other offers with Realry pomo code: Unfortunately, Realry promo codes cannot be combined with other offers. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details. Applying promo code during the checkout: To apply a promo code during checkout, click "Buy now" and enter the code in the promo box at the bottom left, then click "Apply". If the promotion doesn't apply, first review the code's Terms and Conditions. If issues persist, contact our Support team at, providing a screenshot of any errors along with the Realry item link. Understanding Retailer Promotions on Realry Retailer promotions are showcased in the Realry feed, displaying the discounted price. Upon proceeding to purchase, you'll be redirected to the retailer's page, where the sale price is reflected. Refer to the respective retailer's Terms and Conditions for additional details. If you encounter issues with a promo code on a partner's website, reach out to their Customer Care team directly for assistance."

Protecting Your Online Shopping:

At Realry, your safety matters most. Here's how to keep your data secure: 1. Stick to secure websites (look for the padlock). 2. Check bank statements often. 3. Report lost or stolen cards immediately. 4. Avoid saving card info on shared devices. 5. Never share full card details via email or chat. Create a strong password: 1. Use 10+ characters with letters, numbers, and symbols. 2. Consider password management tools. Avoid phishing: 1. Realry won't ask for sensitive info. 2. Be cautious of suspicious messages. If you suspect fraud: 1. Alert your bank. 2. Freeze the compromised card. 3. Report to authorities (Action Fraud in the UK or FTC in the US). 4. Reset passwords on risky accounts. Before reporting transactions: 1. Check if someone you know made the purchase. 2. Consider pending transactions from canceled orders. Contact authorities for help: 1. South Korea: ECRM or (82) 182 2. UK: Action Fraud at Action Fraud website or 0300 123 2040. 3. US: FTC via FTC website or 1-877-382-4357. Stay vigilant to ensure a safe online experience. Need assistance? We're here for you.

Payment Options at Realry

Wondering about payment methods at Realry checkout? When you select "Buy now" and proceed, you can choose from the following options: Paypal If you're redirected to the retailer's site for checkout, check their help center for payment details. Need Help Ordering? For more on placing orders with Realry, refer to our article. Payment Issues? Encountering payment troubles during checkout? Reach out to Realry Support Team at

Understanding Pending Charges:

Question: Why is there a pending charge on my account? Answer: Sometimes, you might notice a pending charge due to an unsuccessful or cancelled order. This isn't an actual debit but a pre-authorization. Question: How long does the pending charge last? Answer: Typically, the pre-authorization clears within 5-7 business days. Although it won't show as a refund, it will vanish from your bank statement. Question: What if the pending charge doesn't clear? Answer: If it persists beyond the specified time frame, don't hesitate to contact the Realry Support Team via or consult your bank for further clarification. Question: Is this a standard process? Answer: Absolutely, the pending charge follows the standard bank procedure associated with pre-authorizations.

Exploring Current Options on Realry

Question Response
How are prices displayed on Realry? Prices are shown in your local currency based on the browsing domain. Currency may vary per retailer.
Where can I find the displayed currency? Located in the top right corner; select your delivery country for accurate pricing.
Which currencies does Realry support on the App? Supported currencies: AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, ISK, JPY, KWD, NOK, OMR, RUB, SAR, SGD, USD.
What if my currency isn't displayed on the App? Defaults to USD; select your country for local pricing.

Understanding Payment Failure

Payment failures can result from incorrect payment details or issues with bank authorization. When payment failed, you can proceed with your order. You can try correcting payment details; rest assured, no charges will be incurred if the order fails. When re-ordering, verify that the billing address matches the card's registered address, ensure accuracy of the CVC/CCV, double-check all personal details, and confirm the validity of the card's start/expiry dates. If you need any support from your bank, you can contact your bank for support; also consider attempting the transaction with a different card.

Regarding Payment and Promotion

Ensuring Item Authenticity

When browsing items on Realry, you can have confidence in their legitimacy as we prioritize offering only authentic products. If you're curious about authenticity certificates or specific packaging details, we recommend reaching out directly to the retailer whose contact information is conveniently provided on the product page. Rest assured, Realry is firmly committed to upholding the authenticity of all items showcased on our platform, implementing stringent measures to ensure the integrity of our listings. Should you ever have any concerns or questions regarding the authenticity of a particular item, whether it's about its origin or any related details, don't hesitate to get in touch with either the retailer directly or our dedicated Support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Sizing and Measuring Enquiries

Given Realry’s collaboration with retailers worldwide, sizes and products may vary across brands and retailers. Please be aware that Realry doesn't maintain inventory or have samples on hand. For detailed size information, we advise reaching out directly to the retailer stocking the item. For instance, if the item is available on SSENSE, we recommend visiting their website to contact their Customer Care team and obtain the necessary details.

Price Matching and Price Discrepancy

Why might there be a price difference between Realry and other retailers? Occasionally, product errors, including price discrepancies, may arise due to the vast volume of items on Realry. While these occurrences are rare, they can happen. Realry does not provide price matching. If you notice a price difference, here's what to do: Check the retailer's Help Centre for their specific price match policy and contact the retailer's team directly (you can find the retailer's name on the Realry item page). If you believe there's been a pricing discrepancy or a delay in a price being updated, reach out to our Support team via support@realry,co. Be sure to include the link to the item in your message for a quicker

Directing to a Different Item Issue

You may be directed to a different item occasionally due to rare product errors arising from Realry’s extensive affiliate market and large item volume. If you encounter any image or link issues, contact Realry Support at Include the item link and a screenshot for quicker resolution.

Regarding Search and Filter

Question Answers
What is Realry, and how does it work? Realry is a global fashion search platform, helping users save time and money when shopping online. Our search and filter features simplify the process of various brands and fashion sites.
How can I search for fashion items on the Realry website? On the Realry website, you can access thousands of brands and stores using the single search bar. Additionally, you can narrow down your search by selecting different product categories or by utilizing the drop-down menu for various filters.
Filters available on both Web and the App Category / Stores / Sale / Price / Shipping options / Colours / Brands / Materials / Designers
Do you have a gender filter? The gender filter is located at the bottom or at the top of the site of shopping tab. If you wish to change it, you can always change it.

My List

By adding an item to your saved list, you unlock the ability to receive updates such as sales, offers, and back-in-stock alerts. How to Receive Updates on an Item: ① Log in to your Realry account or sign up. ② Click on the Realry heart to add the item to your saved list. ③ If the item is unavailable, using the “Heart” button will prompt Realry to email you when the item goes on sale and/or comes back in stock with the retailer. Additionally, if your preferred size is out of stock, you can select "Notify me" in the size picker to set up a back-in-stock notification for that size. How to View Your Saved Items: ① Log in to your account. ② Click on the heart icon ③ To remove an item from your My List, simply click on the heart icon again.

Becoming Realry Partner

If you're keen on partnering with Realry, you can submit your inquiry to Due to the high volume of requests, our Partnerships team will reach out only to those deemed suitable for collaboration. Additionally, Realry exclusively aligns with retailers and designers renowned for their authentic merchandise and exceptional shopping experiences, ensuring that customers can shop with utmost confidence and satisfaction.

About Return

Our return policies are tailored to each retailer we collaborate with globally. Variations in policies are influenced by factors such as the specific item you intend to purchase and the geographical locations of both the retailer and the delivery destination. To check the return information, 1. Check the Realry product page before making a purchase for details. 2. Alternatively, visit the customer care section on the retailer's website to review their specific returns policy. If you have questions about the status of your return and/or refund, please don't hesitate to contact our Support team at

Refund Inquiries

Refund policies vary among retailers and depend on the purchased item, so it's important to understand the specific policies of the retailer from whom you made the purchase. Once you return an item and the retailer processes it, your refund will typically be issued within 5-7 business days, following their procedures. While it's best to contact the retailer directly for updates on your refund status, you can also reach out to Realry Support team at for assistance. When contacting Customer Care about a refund, remember to provide order details such as your order reference number, full name, email address used for the order, and any relevant information about the returned item.

Shipping and Delivery

The choice of courier is determined by the retailer from whom you make a purchase on Realry, with preferences based on factors like location, shipping speed, and reliability. Once your order ships, you'll receive tracking information from the retailer, allowing you to monitor your parcel's status. For any delivery issues or address changes, contact the retailer directly. Additionally, note that additional fees, like customs duties or taxes, may apply, and these are the buyer's responsibility. For more information on couriers or fees, contact us at

Delivery Charges

Realry operates as a marketplace, and delivery charges are set by individual retailers, meaning there's no standard fee across all purchases. To find out the delivery charges for a specific item, refer to the product details or the retailer's shipping information during checkout. These charges are determined by the retailer and can vary based on factors like location, shipping method, and their policies. Delivery charges may differ by location, with retailers often offering varying rates for domestic and international shipments. Be sure to check the specific charges associated with your shipping address and keep an eye out for any additional fees, such as taxes or customs duties, that may apply. While some retailers may offer free shipping under certain conditions, such as order value or promotional events, it's advisable to review the product details or retailer promotions for availability. For further inquiries about shipping fees, feel free to contact our Support team at

Shipping Policy

To find shipping information for a specific item, simply visit the Realry product page and click on "shipping and returns" for more details. Realry partners with retailers worldwide, enabling us to offer international shipping, allowing you to shop from a diverse selection of global brands with deliveries to locations worldwide. The availability of international shipping depends on the individual policies of the retailers. Ensure you've selected your delivery country correc, and Realry will display relevant items that can be shipped to your location. Delivery times for international orders vary depending on the retailer, selected shipping method, and destination country, so refer to the retailer's shipping information for estimated delivery times. Once your order is shipped, the retailer will provide tracking information, including a tracking number, allowing you to monitor your delivery's progress. Any additional fees, such as customs duties, taxes, or import charges, are determined by your country's regulations and are the buyer's responsibility. For inquiries about returning internationally shipped items or more information on international shipping, please contact our Support team at

Changing Shipping Options

If you need to change your chosen shipping option post-order, contact the retailer directly as they manage shipping. While some may accommodate changes, it depends on their policies and your order status. If your order has shipped, altering the shipping may be challenging, but you can still inquire about options like redirecting the shipment or expedited shipping for a fee. If unable to change, consider canceling and placing a new order, but review cancellation policies first. To prevent future issues, review order details carefully before purchase and ensure the selected shipping option aligns with your preferences. Refer to the retailer's shipping information during checkout or their website for detailed policies. For specific queries, contact the retailer's customer support.

Duties Policy

1. Import Duty Liability: Depending on your location and the retailer's policy, you may be liable to pay import duties on your items. 2. Calculation of Duties: Your local customs office will calculate the exact duties upon arrival of the item in your country and notify you of the amount owed. Typically, these duties are paid directly to the courier company. 3. Estimated Duties: Realry provides an estimated duties charge for your order on the checkout page. Please note that this estimate may differ from the actual duties charged. 4. Locating Estimated Duties: Look for 'est. duties' displayed during checkout on Realry. If redirected to the retailer's checkout page, this information should also be available there. 5. Retailer's Duties Policy: For comprehensive details on the retailer's duties policy, visit their help center. You can find the retailer's name on the Realry product page. 6. Notification of Payment: If duties are applicable, your local customs office will contact you once your order has been shipped.