Jules Braided Hemp Small Brim

Jules Braided Hemp Small Brim

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The Jules Braided Hemp hat has a 4. 5cm small brim and 3cm grosgrain tonal logo hatband. The production of Borsalino straw hats begins in Ecuador, where the local straw is harvested from the stalks of the toquilla palm tree, boiled and dried under the sun. A process that can take up to six months. The skilled Ecuadorian artisans weave by hand, making extremely fine semi-finished cloches. After careful quality control, the cloches are sent to the Alessandria maison for the continued rigorous and intricate manufacture processes. Then once the ribbon is added, the brim is stiffened before the hat is ready for the final steps: embellishments, stitching, inspection and packaging - all finished by hand. The history of the Panama hat is a captivating one. The size of this hat is in line with standard measurements, based on the circumference of the head. 100% Made in Italy

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